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Meanwell Switching Power Supply Stationary Charger 300W~1600W

Wattage :300W~1600W

Features :

Chargers for lead-acid and Li-ion batteries

3-stage charging curve: PB-300/360, 2/3/8-stage charging curve: PB-600/1000, 3-stage charging curve suitable for harsh environment applications: HEP-600

CIntelligent charger with programmable 3-stage charging curve: RPB-1600

/RCB-16005 years warranty for RPB-1600/RCB-1600, 6 years warranty for HEP-600C

Meanwell Switching Power Supply Desktop Charger 120W~240W

  • Wattage :
  • Features:

    ESP: power supply,ESC: charger for lead-acid batteries

    AC input range selectable by switch

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