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Tube extrusion enclosure

Tube extrusion enclosure

Tube extrusion enclosure
Tube extrusion enclosureTube extrusion enclosureTube extrusion enclosureTube extrusion enclosure
CategoriesWaterproof Box
BrandMeanwell Switching Power Supply
Update Time2021-07-28
Detail Information
Products Description
Waterproof Aluminum Box Die Cast Case IP68 Shell Customizing Size Enclosure For Electronic
Product Name
M-03 Waterproof Enclosure
black, silver
Surface Treatment
Brush, sandblast, anodizing
IP 68
CNC Machining Or Not
CNC Machining
Micro Machining Or Not
Micro Machining
Optional Service
Cutouts, colors, Desigining
Drawing Format

IP Waterproof  Enclosure

It has better characteristics for waterproof and sealing with one -piece silica gel seal ring.Suitable for underwater detection and outdoor monitoring equipment.
Good seal screws design, waterproof rate up to IP68;
Optional Wall or Floor style fixing mounting panel
ONE PIECE EXTRUDED Designed to house P.C. boards or equipment

Optional anodizing color for customized aluminun product

Color can be changeable according to your requirement.Optional surface finishing coves sandblast and brushed,or only anodizing process.

Please consult customer service

It may improve obviously corrosion resistance to aluminum after anodizing,as well as surface hardness and wear resistance,which shows more useful decoration with coloring.(Optional color:black / silver / gray / blue / red , please contact with sales service if any customized color.)
We offered customized service for changeable width, height, length, designing service for outer surface, structure and CMF, which help to be good and fashionable style. With advanced on site and information management, complying with complete process for milling and carving, we could meet more strict requirements production and finishing for enclosures.
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