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Kulon Electronics is the official global agent appointed by MeanWell Power.

The MeanWell products purchased from kulon are all brand new recently produced Taiwan MeanWell Power Supply. We have confidence each cooperation and every power supply are in our warranty.

All of power supply have the world's unique serial number from MeanWell factory . You can check the information of the power supply on the official website of MeanWell Company, including production date, performance test file and safety certification.

You can rest assured to use them.


If you are a user of MeanWell Power, we will provide you with technical support free of charge.

Whether you purchase from our Kulon Electronics or from other official sources (including authorized dealers), we offer complete technology.

Kulon support team will provide you comprehensive after-sales technical services, you only need to contact our after-sales mailbox , the corresponding technical support and services will provide you to solve your worries.

We provide all installation accessories for the power supply you need, so you can solve the installation problem. Just tell us the install method you want.

These installation accessories are shown and explained in the description of each of our power products.

You can choose the accessories you need, and we charge no profit for the accessories, the accessories will send you together with power supply.


Fast Delivery Guarantee

1000 square meters warehouse company main warehouse 2 office warehouses 3000 kinds of regular models sufficient stock, 2-3 working days to respond to your needs.


Courier Service

We have close cooperation with international express delivery companies such as UPS, DHL, Fedex, TNT, etc., to provide you with convenient and cost-effective door-to-door courier service. After goods departure from Kulon, our logistics department will send you e tracking number at the first time and we will keep tracking of the status of the goods throughout the transportation process and the estimated time of arrival, so that you can facilitate your customs clearance and production arrangements.


Sea Shipping Service

For larger purchase, and the product demand time is enough, we recommend choose sea shipping, this can reduce a lot logistics costs, Kulon have long-term cooperation with many sea shipping agent and sea shipping companies, will provide the fastest shipping schedule for you, On the other hand, you can also choose your company's shipping agency cooperation company to pick up the goods in our warehouse.

Kulon provide quality assurance services for power supply purchased from us.

If power supply damaged during normal working environment and electrical conditions, we can provide you with a new MeanWell power supply during the warranty period.

In order to save transportation costs, We will send your new power supply in the next order. You only need to provide us with photos of the damaged power supply, the cause of the damage, and the serial number, so that we can verify.

Custom service

If you have a need to change our Mean Well products to better match your actual needs, we can provide you with the need to change production specifications, such as extending the output, input cables, changing the output interface, or adding connectors, power supply mounting brackets, mounting rings, waterproof connectors, standard plugs change ,adapter input lines, etc. Mean Well products related products are also provided, including filters, solar controllers, LED lamps, etc.We will inform you the time of customization as quickly as possible so you can make the best decision.

The Certificate of Origin

In order to save your tariffs, our company will provide you with a certificate of origin according to the trade relationship between China and your country. When you doing customs clearance about goods, you can provide this document to the local customs staff. The Customs will be rooted in your country. Within the legal framework to reduce or even exempt tariffs.

The certificate of origin provided by our company is mainly divided into two categories - preferential certificate of origin and special certificate of origin.

The tariff preferential certificate of origin includes the GSP treatment granted by most developed countries to China (FORM A certificate), and China has signed bilateral or multi-variable preferential trade agreements with some countries or regions (FORM B certificate, FORM E certificate, FORM F certificate, FORM P certificate, FORM N certificate, FORM X certificate, etc.).


GSP Certificate of Origin (FORM A certificate)

The countries that can issue FORM A certificates are: UK, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Ireland, Denmark, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia , Latvia, Lithuania, Cyprus, Malta, Bulgaria, Romania, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Turkey


Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement Certificate of Origin (FORM B Certificate)

The countries that can issue FORM B certificates are: China, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Laos and South Korea (Asia Pacific Trade Agreement member countries).


China-ASEAN Free Trade Area Certificate of Origin (FORM E Certificate)

The countries that can issue FORM E certificates are: China, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Philippines, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore (ASEAN member countries).


China-Pakistan Free Trade Zone Certificate of Origin (FORM P Certificate)

Chinese products are exported to Pakistan, Chinese exporters apply to the local entry-exit inspection and quarantine institutions for the issuance of FORM P certificates, Pakistan grants preferential tariffs for goods under the FORM P certificate; Pakistani products are exported to China, and Pakistani exporters apply to the relevant Pakistani authorities for the issuance of FORM P certificate, China gives preferential tariff treatment for goods under the FORM P certificate. This is reciprocal (there is a fundamental difference between the one-sided benefit of FROM A).


The following FORM F, FORM N, FORM X, FORM S and other certificates are the same, are reciprocal preferential certificate of origin.

  • China-Chile Free Trade Zone Certificate of Origin (FORM F Certificate)

  • China-New Zealand Free Trade Zone Certificate of Origin (FORM N Certificate)

  • China-Singapore Free Trade Zone Preferential Certificate of Origin (FORM X Certificate)

  • China-Swiss Free Trade Agreement Certificate of Origin (FORM S certificate),

  • China-Peru Free Trade Zone Preferential Certificate of Origin (China-Peru FTA Certificate)

  • China-Costa Rica Free Trade Zone Preferential Certificate of Origin (FORM L Certificate)

  • China-Korea Free Trade Agreement Certificate of Origin (FORM K Certificate)

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