Quick Regular Solution
1.To increase the reliability of the S.P.S., we suggest users choose a unit that has a rating of 30% more power than actual need. For example, if the system needs a 100W source, we suggest that users choose a S.P.S. with 130W of output power or more. By doing this, you can effectively boost the reliability of the S.P.S. in your system.
2.We also need to consider about ambient temperature of the S.P.S. and whether there is additional device for dissipating the heat. If the S.P.S. is working in a high temperature environment, we need to make some derating to the output power. The derating curve of "ambient temperature" versus "output power" can be found on our spec sheets.
3.Choosing functions based on your application:
Protection function: Over Voltage Protection (OVP), Over Temperature Protection (OVP), Over Load Protection (OLP), and etc.
Application function: Signaling Function (Power Good, Power Fail), Remote Control, Remote Sensing, and etc.
Special function: Power Factor Correction (PFC), Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) function.
4.Make sure that the model qualifies for the safety standards and EMC regulations you need.
Here are the series most common use for quick solution:
KNX Solution
        Meanwell, as the leading standard power supply manufacturer, continues to promote the building automation technology for making a green and sustainable society. KNX-20E, KDX-64 (KNX-DALI GATEWAY), KAA-8R(Universal Switching Actuator) and KSI-01U interface, the new KNX IP Router are proudly introduced, which play an essential role in building automation and they are responsible for the reliable switching of different electrical loads in the KNX system.
KDA-64 is a gateway to bridge digital DALI lighting system and KNX installation. Besides the basic functions which are switching and dimming on 64 lights(LED drivers), 16 pre-programmed lighting scenarios may also be stored and retrieved with user preferences. Moreover, the gateway provides a lighting effect control system which allows lights or light groups to be included in dynamic light moods. This allows brightness scenarios to be implemented across one or more DALI groups or single DALI units or scenes. Another additional function is KDA-64 may also be included in DALI emergency lighting systems.

The DALI gateway is configured via buttons of front panel, Web browser and through a plug-in embedded in the ETS software when building the KNX project.
       The KAA-8R Universal Actuator is suitable for different load situations and possible for many application areas up to 8 independent channels. It receives KNX telegrams and can be used as switch actuator or shutter actuator (planned). Mixed applications from switch and shutter actuator are always possible. Each output uses a bistable (latching) relay and can be operated manually via a push button. One green LED per channel for indicating the switching status. The compact design with 4 units (72 mm) wide modular makes it suitable for quick and simple installation in the standard distribution board. Other functions including heating control and logic functions are integrated to provide the KNX system integrators with high design freedom. As result, KAA-8R is featuring both reliability and multi functionality to meet various needs in a modern building.
       KSI-01U is an interface for establishing a bidirectional connection between a PC and the KNX installation bus. The USB connector has a galvanic separation from the KNX bus. It can be used on the standard software like ETS, EITT (also Raw Frame operating mode) and other software is handled by the FALCON driver. The KSI-01U supports long messages (up to 220 byte APDU length) and ensures easy handling in software under operating systems not supported by the FALCON driver (e.g. Linux), providing an easy communication interface for systems or devices that use KNX building automation control technology.  
        The IP TP media coupler KSR-01IP is a KNXnet/IP routing & tunneling device and works as KNX IP line/area coupler. No need to have an external power supply for powering. The ability to address all bus devices in the KNX bus system makes network operations less time-consuming. Operational and filtering states, malfunction and faulty communication are indicated by LEDs. The device supports UPnP and its firmware can be updated via the built-in web front-end page provided an easy IP communication interface for systems or devices that use KNX building automation control technology.
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