Medical power solution
1 Diagnostic Imaging System
             Medical imaging is used for diagnosis of human organ tissue, bone structure, and blood diseases for medical institutions so that doctors can accurately grasp the patient’s conditions and treat the disease effectively and further for academic research. Common diagnostic instruments include X-ray, MRI, PET, ultrasonic instrument, etc., which use different radiation methods to penetrate the body tissue and produce an image on a corresponding film. Such medical imaging systems typically consist of multiple electronic components or control boards that require a single or multiple sets of DC output voltages. The appropriate medical power supplies shall be selected based on the end system’s electrical requirements, such as MOPP or MOOP requirement and built-in or external installations, etc. MEAN WELL can provide medical power solutions for 3~55VDC models ranging from 1~1200W output, such as MSP/RPS-C/NMP, all suitable for medical imaging systems.
2 Biochemistry and Immunity Analysis
          With increasing environmental and food safety problems, the number of harmful bacteria to the human body is also expanding. The experimental and research institutions continue to provide detection and analysis of chemicals to assist in clinical diagnosis, treatment, and post-treatment health physiology index, improve human immunity functions, biochemical analyzers, DNA analyzers, enzyme immunoassays, etc. Such medical equipment all requires stable DC voltage to drive. MEAN WELL’s enclosed type MSP/RPS series, modular NMP series, built-in PCB type MFM/MPM/RPS series are all suitable to provide not only the required electrical power but also increased safety features and performance.
3 Home Healthcare
       In recent years, the home healthcare industry has flourished in countries worldwide. Patients with stable conditions or mild illnesses can take care of themselves at home according to the doctor's instructions, such as patients with sleep apnea, requires vapor drug intake, elderly people, blood oxygen measurement, anti-decubitus, etc. that require the use of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy, nebulizer, physiotherapy, anti-decubitus bed, which can be used for home care or a portable and portable device. Must pass the European and US 60601-1-11 home medical safety certification and must meet the 2xMOPP high insulation and BF class for patient contact, ultra-low leakage current, high portability, or need to have the AC socket easy to plug and replace. MEAN WELL’s external medical adapter GSM/GEM series are suitable for these types of portable equipment. In addition, if the power is required to be built into the medical devices, the PCB mount type MPM/MFM series would be a perfect choice.
4 Rehabilitation Treatment
        As a response to the population aging, various home rehabilitation or care aids are developed to aid those in need. Commonly used instruments include cardiopulmonary resuscitation machine, low-frequency therapy device, deep vein thrombosis, electric thermal pad, etc. Driven by the medical power supply of the latitude, this type of mobile or portable instrument is very suitable for the external adapter GSM/GEM series or the PCB type MPM/MFM/RPS series. The various models can fully satisfy various medical system requirements for stable and safe DC voltages. These series models can meet 2xMOPP insulation and are suitable for BF type equipment. The use of MEAN WELL power supply can greatly reduce the safety test requirements of many medical instruments of the end system, saving system manufacturers valuable time and cost.
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