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MEANWELL medical power assisted novel coronavirus vaccination

MEANWELL medical power assisted novel coronavirus vaccination

Issue Time:2020-05-08
Title:MEANWELL medical power power global novel coronavirus epidemic prevention!

Novel coronavirus(covid-19) pandemic has continued to generate medical power demand worldwide since late January, including: Breathing apparatus, nucleic acid detection instrument, mask machine, temperature measurement equipment, etc., including more severe medical monitor and breathing apparatus to subsist equipment is most urgent, whereby MeanWell holds on humanitarian standpoint, emergency adjustment suzhou MeanWell production line, set up medical power dedicated production lines, and the original capacity allocation to guangzhou factory and Taiwan factory, day and night to work overtime to resistance to plague the first line, is expected to have 1 of may shipment.

MeanWell switching power supply is a leading brand of standard power supply, which has been deeply cultivated in the medical power supply industry for a long time. Currently, medical power supply has covered 1 ~ 1200W up to more than 500 models. MeanWell group operating officer Chen Yuzhong said: "the end of march MeanWell completed 100% return to work, but there are still a lot of material for doors seal enforcement city can't arrive on time, however, under the epidemic raged, the human life, MeanWell immediately launched" a parts a human life "request support plan, combined with the power supplier partner, get the epidemic prevention power supply the needed materials, on the other hand, MeanWell integrated global customers and the local government's prevention power demand, flexible deployment of GeChang production line, day and night to work overtime to fully support, for COVID - 19 outbreak of heart."

MeanWell group director of product strategy ming-chih tsai said: "represents a life behind a power supply, the outbreak of severe than expected, MeanWell wanquan readiness of all the up and down, to fast delivery, my heartfelt thanks to all my colleagues in this efforts and the support partners and suppliers, the outbreak will be over, looking forward to early arrival at dawn, together come on!"

MeanWell has been focusing on industrial standard power supply for nearly 40 years, and its products have won the Taiwan quality award for many years. MeanWell is a good brand in Taiwan and has the largest market share in the global standard power supply market. The COVID - 19 outbreak, as a member of the global corporate citizenship, MeanWell can assist with the local government through global customers, to solve the plight of medical resources, and save many patients, trying to cope with an outbreak not only reveal the well-intentioned brand spirit, take concrete actions to reflect the corporate social responsibility, more take the lead in promoting industry blossom as soon as possible.

In addition, MeanWell recently introduced a new small display with noiseless chassis power. The LSP series is MeanWell's newly launched chassis power supply, which is mainly developed to provide equipment miniaturization and equipment requirements requiring redundant functions with high stability. The narrow face width (55mm) and low height (20mm) size design combined with the fanless design, is suitable for indoor noiseless instruments and equipment or small-size display screen application requirements.

In addition to the advantages of the miniaturization of the mechanism, there are also desirable highlights in the electrical characteristics. The fanless design can solve the traditional fan noise and life, and the output also provides the DC OK and Current sharing redundancy (<5V model), allowing customers to monitor the power supply and match the redundancy. Redundant functions can reduce the risk of system crash, so that the system can be more stable in use.

In addition, LSP series adopts semi-glue irrigation, which can be used with equipment in wet or semi-outdoor environment, so as to solve the problem that traditional power supply is afraid of being affected by damp. LSP series standard products have two ways of use: traditional terminal table and Wafer Connector, which is convenient for customers to use according to the system configuration.

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