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switching power supply 12v

switching power supply 12v

Issue Time:2020-04-29
TITLE:What is the working principle of switching power supply 12V?

The output power of the switching power supply of 12V is generally 6W, so when the input ac voltage varies in the range of 110 to 260V, the voltage adjustment rate Sv≤1%, when the load current varies greatly, the load adjustment rate SI=5% ~ 7%, is to simplify the circuit, here the basic feedback mode.

When connected to the power supply of 220 v ac point will first through the bridge rectifier and C1 filtering, and then got about 300 v dc high voltage, and then through the high-frequency transformer primary line provide the required operating voltage, pulse width modulation (PWM) power signal output from secondary line of, through VD7, C4 and C5, L, high frequency rectification filtering A + 12 v, 0.5 A voltage output. After the feedback line is rectified and filtered, the control current is added to the control terminal C. The absorption loop composed of VD5, R1, and C2 can effectively suppress the reverse peak voltage on the drain. The voltage stabilizing principle of the circuit is analyzed as follows: when for some reason Uo↓, the feedback coil voltage and the control terminal current are also reduced, and the error voltage generated in the chip Ur↑, PWM comparator output pulse duty cycle D↑, through MOSFET and step-down output circuit so that Uo↑, the final output voltage can be maintained unchanged.

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