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Advantages of switching power supply

Advantages of switching power supply

Issue Time:2020-04-28
TItle:What are the advantages of MeanWell switching power supply?

A switching power supply, known to some as a switching power supply or switching converter, is a high-frequency conversion device that converts a level voltage into the voltage or current required for an electronic device. Switch power supply and linear power supply, switching power supply is to save energy and produce less waste heat, and if it is the ideal state of switch power supply is not consume electricity, voltage stability is through the adjustment of the transistor conduction and cut-off time to achieve, high conversion efficiency of switch power supply is one of the biggest advantages, and its working frequency is very high, you can use the smaller transformer, it will greatly reduce the weight of the switching power supply.

It is important to note that the internal of switching power supply is relatively complex, the internal transistor will frequently switch, may produce noise and electromagnetic, and affect other equipment, and if there is no special design of switching power supply, its power supply factor may be lower.

What are the components of MeanWell switching power supply?

1. The main circuit

Impingement current limiter: limits the impingement current at the input side of the power supply.

Input filter: its function is to filter the clutter existing in the power grid and prevent the clutter generated by the machine from feeding back to the power grid.

Rectification and filtering: the grid ac power supply is directly rectified to a relatively smooth dc.

Inverter: the rectified dc into high frequency alternating current, which is the core of high frequency switching power supply.

Output rectifier and filter: according to the load needs, to provide a stable and reliable dc power supply.

2. Control circuit

On the one hand, the sample is taken from the output end, compared with the set value, and then the inverter is controlled to change its pulse width or pulse frequency to make the output stable. On the other hand, according to the data provided by the test circuit, the protection circuit is identified, and the control circuit is provided to protect the power supply.

3. Check the circuit

Provide protection circuit in the operation of various parameters and various instrument data.

4. Auxiliary power supply

Realize the power of the software (remote) start, for the protection circuit and control circuit (PWM chip) work power.

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