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Issue Time:2020-04-23

Title:What are the benefits of increasing the frequency of SMPS switches?

Improve SMPS switching frequency can reduce the inductors, transformers and the size of the peripheral components such as resistor so when we improved the SMPS switching frequency, designers can guarantee the same output power at the same time increase the energy density, in addition, the SMPS the output current and voltage ripple will be reduced, thus reducing the risk of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and the cost of the filter circuit, and reduce the size.

However, the switching speed of traditional silicon power MOSFET and IGBT is relatively slow. As frequency increases, power consumption doubles, resulting in lower energy efficiency and higher chip temperatures. The switching speed is slow and the switching power consumption is high, which sets an upper limit for the current actual switching frequency of SMPS.

Designers can break this ceiling with wideband gap semiconductors. Among them, GaN is the most mature and convenient technology for this application, and eGaN is an improved version of GaN.

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