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How should the failure appear in the process that USES switch power supply solve?

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How should the failure appear in the process that USES switch power supply solve?
Issue Time:2020-04-22

Today, I will explain to you how to solve the malfunction in the process of using the switching power supply. I hope I can help you. MeanWell power supply is a kind of power supply that controls the time ratio of switching crystal on and off to maintain stable voltage output. Jint is used by most companies in the world for its efficiency and convenience.

Common fuses are melted and disconnected

When we encounter this situation, the first to detect the internal circuit of the switching power supply, carefully eliminate whether there is a short circuit, caused a fuse fuse; If the line is normal, then we have to check whether the load current exceeded the fuse rated current, caused the fuse fuse long-term heat fuse; If the fuse is not suitable for the load, we should consider whether the fuse is disconnected due to the sudden strong current when the power supply is unstable.

What I just said is all about the technical problems, which led to the fuse fuse. In addition to these situations, we also need to consider whether it is the problem during the hardware installation. If the screws are not tightened, it will cause the fuse fuse to fuse.

How should failure be resolved?

Firstly, open the shell of the switching power supply, check whether the fuse is fused, and observe whether there is charring or component rupture on the PCB board of the power supply. Before energizing, measure the voltage at both ends of the high-voltage capacitor with a multimeter. In most cases, the voltage at both ends of the high voltage filter capacitor is not released. This voltage is more than 300 volts. Please be careful. Use a multimeter to measure the forward and backward resistance at both ends of the AC power line and the charging condition of the capacitor. The resistance value should not be too low, or there may be a short circuit in the power supply. The capacitor should be able to charge and discharge. Off the load, respectively measure the output end of each group of resistance to the ground, when normal, the dial should be capacitor charge and discharge swing, the last indication should be the discharge resistance of the resistance value.

Observation after the power supply power supply if there is a burning phenomenon such as insurance and individual component smoke, if you have to cut off power supply for maintenance in time, measure for 300 FuShu out on both ends of the pressure filter capacitance, without check rectifier diode, filter capacitance, etc., should focus on measuring the high frequency transformer secondary coil presence of output, without should check whether the switch tube is damaged, mainly whether to start up, whether the protection circuit action, etc., if any should be focusing on the output side of the rectifier diode voltage regulator tube, filter capacitor, tee, etc., if the power start just stop, then the power protection conditions, can directly measure the voltage of PWM chip protection input feet, If the voltage exceeds the specified value, it indicates that the power supply is under protection.

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