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What can a switching power adapter do?

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What can a switching power adapter do?
Issue Time:2020-04-16

Switching power adapter the connection between the computer and the external LAN is made using a communication adapter.

An adapter is originally a network interface board (or a PCMCIA card) that is plugged into the host computer. This type of interface board is called network interface card.

Now computer motherboards have been embedded with this adapter, without a separate network card.

The communication between the adapter and the LAN is carried out by cable or twisted pair in serial transmission mode, while the communication between the adapter and the computer is carried out by the motherboard I/O bus in parallel transmission mode.

The important function of the adapter is to convert the serial transmission and parallel transmission of data.

When an adapter is inserted on the motherboard, the driver for the administrative adapter must be installed in the computer operating system. The command adapter should send long blocks of data to the LAN from where the memory is located, or store the blocks of data transferred from the LAN at where the memory is located. The adapter must be able to implement the Ethernet protocol.

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