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What can a switching power adapter be used for?

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What can a switching power adapter be used for?
Issue Time:2020-04-13

What can a switching power adapter be used for?

Switch power adapters have a name, called external power supply. Is a relatively small portable electronic equipment and electrical and electronic supply transformer. It is because in the use of electronic devices are often not directly use power, easy to cause electrical short circuit, so the role of the switch power adapter is to help us safely use our electronic products.

Switching power adapters are mostly used in small electronic products such as mobile phones and liquid crystal displays. They are generally composed of electronic shells, transformers and rectifying circuits.

Classification of switching power supply adapters

Output type: ac output type and dc output type

Connection: wall type and desktop type

Switching power adapters are commonly used in these areas

Switch power adapter is mostly used in industrial automation control, but the military equipment, scientific research equipment, LED lighting, industrial control equipment, communications equipment, electrical equipment, instrumentation, medical equipment, semiconductor refrigeration and heating, air purifier, electronic refrigerator, LCD, LED lamps and lanterns, communications equipment, audio and video products, security, computer case, digital products and instruments, and other fields is also having the effect that cannot ignore.

Generally speaking, the role of the power adapter is the transformer and rectifier. The household alternating current is 220v, and our computer is dc 12v, so we can be sure that the power adapter is the transformer and rectifier. The adapter is a transformer, so we should know, ac 220v through the transformer transformer, through the rectifier dc, there is consumption, and these consumption will be converted into heat, so it is normal for the power adapter to heat up. Transformer is made of silicon steel sheet, transformer electrified, magnetic flux, magnetic flux will lead to the silicon steel sheet between the force of action, thus producing a buzzing sound, which is normal.

But overheated sound is abnormal, for a number of reasons:

Ac voltage is unstable

Chip breakage

Interturn short circuit

Component damage and so on

By the way, the role of adapter is to convert alternating current into direct current electronics, power adapter are generally built in space is large, generally adapters are not small volume, small volume of the machine is external, in order to save space, and change is convenient, mains adapter, voltage is higher, put inside the machine more dangerous.

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