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Is there a problem with the switching power adapter? You can try this!

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Is there a problem with the switching power adapter? You can try this!
Issue Time:2020-04-13

Is there a problem with the switching power adapter? You can try this!

Most of the switching power adapter buyers can enjoy the full service of the supplier, including installation and use training, so if our own switching power adapter use problems how to repair? Today, I'm going to tell you how to repair the switching power adapter. 

1. Poor protection can be fixed in this way

The poor protection function of the switch power adapter is mainly manifested as the large short-circuit current, the burning machine caused by the short circuit, the large or small overcurrent point, the output overvoltage and so on.

Easily broken components are: F1, U2, Q3, R28, R15, D4, etc.

In addition, there are many products due to external conditions caused by product defects, resulting in damage to input protection devices. Such as input safety parts fuse tube F1, piezo-sensitive resistance MOV1 caused.

2. High pressure defects can be fixed this way

The defect of switching power supply adapter high voltage is mainly manifested as the leakage current is too large during the withstand voltage test, which is mainly manifested as:

1) insufficient internal insulation strength of the power transformer;

2) insufficient creepage distance between high voltage area and low voltage area of transformer;

3) insufficient space distance or creepage distance between the high-voltage parts of the power supply and the low-voltage parts;

4) the distance between the metal radiator fin connected with the low-voltage part of the power supply product and the components in the high-voltage area or the insulation strength is not enough;

5) the insulation strength of the metal radiator fin connected with the high-voltage part of the power supply product is insufficient with the components in the low-voltage area;

Product no output is the most common bad phenomenon of power supply, and there are many factors leading to product no output, including process and mechanical problems. Such as device open, short circuit, product burning machine, parts failure, fuse damage, etc., such products need to see the specific situation for analysis.

The defective parts of wire are mainly shown in: lead wire off welding, SR part fracture, short circuit between wire body, DC head internal short circuit or open circuit.

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