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MDS15/20 Series15W/20W Medical Grade Module Type DC/DC Converter

MDS15/20 Series15W/20W Medical Grade Module Type DC/DC Converter

Issue Time:2020/02/26

The key features of these two new series include: 2”x 1” miniature footprint, -40 ~ +90℃ ultra-wide operating temperature, <5μA low leakage current, and compliance with 2×MOPP/4KVAC isolation. With the certification to IEC60601-1 medical safety standard, the MDS15 and MDS20 are suitable for enhancing medical system isolation level and reducing patient contact leakage current for applications such as oxygen monitor, clinical mobile station, surgical room display, and oral care equipment.

Since MEAN WELL already offers a very comprehensive AC/DC medical product line, the expansion to medical-grade DC/DC converters allows MEAN WELL to serve as a one-stop-shop for AC/DC and DC/DC power solutions.


  • 2〞x 1〞industry-standard footprint and pin assignment
  • 2:1 wide range input
  • Approval: IEC60601-1 (2×MOPP)
  • Ultra-low patient contact leakage < 5μA
  • 4KVAC I/O isolation
  • -40 ~ +90℃ ultra-wide operating temperature range
  • Protections: short circuit / overload / input under voltage
  • 3 years warranty

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