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XBG Series New Generation of Circular LED Driver

XBG Series New Generation of Circular LED Driver

Issue Time:2020/02/12

 The XBG series is officially launched today. The current wattage can cover 100W / 160W and 240W, which can meet most applications of bay light and floodlight. With the current HBG-60 and HBGC-300 series, the whole circular LED driver product line is complete for customers’ selection. However, if DALI dimming function is needed, HBG series still remains your first choice. XBG series is the result of engineers' years' experience with internal complete DVT/DQT test and external safe approvals. In addition, the AC input has designed with a waterproof connector style, which provides a flexible way for project base installation to modify AC wire length.

MEAN WELL Circular Shape Models:

SeriesWatt.Case  MaterialOutput
SELVDimming  & Output
Line Isolation
HBG-6060WPlasticC.CVNon-Dim Ø110*60.5
XBG-100100WMetalC.PVV Ø130*56
XBG-160160WMetalC.PVV Ø151*60
XBG-240240WMetalC.PVV Ø191*63
HBGC-300300WMetalC.PVV Ø191*69

  • Full power output at 70~100% current range operation
  • Wide input range 90~305 V AC with active PFC
  • Protections:Short circuit/Over voltage/Over temperature
  • Metal housing design with IP67
  • Multiple dimming functions:3 in 1/DALI/DALI 2.0/Push Dim
  • Dimming circuit with Isolated for latest safety regulation
  • Surge protection with 6K V/4KV.
  • 5 years warranty and 50,000 hrs life time

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