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High frequency switching power adapter

High frequency switching power adapter
Update Time:2020-04-07
Title:What are the advantages of high frequency switching power adapters?

Now the switching power supply market has quickly into various industries, in order to meet the demand of all the enterprises of switch power supply, we are constantly updating our switching power supply products, one of the biggest advantage is "switch power adapter", has occupied a large proportion in the global market, small make up today is detailed to introduce the high frequency switching power adapter have what advantage?

Low power consumption and high efficiency

MeanWell many the advantage of high frequency switching power supply adapter, which includes the low consumption, high efficiency, small volume, light weight, the characteristics of high frequency switch power adapter switch tube is under the action of excitation signal work alternately, and turn the switch tube is very fast, is generally 50 KHZ, and hundreds of KHZ, can we achieve MeanWell power supply has been part of the high frequency switch power adapter can even reach 1000 KHZ. We also abandoned the previous relatively heavy power frequency transformer, and because of the switch on the dissipation of power is greatly reduced, save a lot of heat sink, so to achieve the characteristics of small size, light weight.

Meanwell high-frequency switching power supply adapter voltage range is very wide, without any limitation, high frequency switching power supply output voltage is used to regulate the excitation signal, and the change of the input signal voltage can compensate by FM or adjustable wide, so in the power system of power frequency voltage change is bigger, it can still guarantee has the stable output voltage. Therefore, the voltage stabilizing range of high-frequency switching power supply is very wide and the voltage stabilizing effect is very good. In addition, there are two methods to change the duty cycle of switch tube: pulse width modulation type and frequency modulation type. In this way, the high frequency switching power supply not only has the advantages of a wide range of voltage stabilization, but also has many methods to achieve voltage stabilization, designers can according to the actual application requirements, flexibly choose various types of high frequency switching power supply.
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