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Switching Power Adapter

Switching Power Adapter
Update Time:2020-04-07

What are the good switching power adapter manufacturers? How many switchingpower adapters are there?

Current switching power adapters are all through the use ofmodern power technology to control the switch on and off time ratio, maintain astable output voltage of a switching power supply. The switching power supply adapter is constantly improvingin the direction of high frequency, stable, low noise, anti-interference andmodularization, and the similar linear power supply is continuously improvingin one of the output power points.

The development of high frequency switch power adapter isnow most of the power supply manufacturer's main goal, meanwell power supply,too, meanwell power supply through continuously improve, now adopted by theswitch power adapter has a light weight, ultra small volume, perfect thindegree, and through the new switch technology, greatly improved the workefficiency and reliability of the switching power adapter, far more than thesame power supply manufacturer. Meanwell switching power supply also USESmodular distribution to form the power supply system, which is designed as anN+1 redundant power supply system with capacity expansion in parallel.Regarding the problem of high noise, meanwell switching power supply adoptspartial resonant conversion circuit technology, which not only realizes highfrequency, but also greatly reduces the noise.

One, DC/DC transformation

DC/DC conversion is the conversion of a fixed DC voltageinto a variable DC voltage, also known as DC chopper. There are two workingmodes of chopper, one is the pulse width modulation mode Ts unchanged, changeton(general), the other is the frequency modulation mode, ton unchanged, changeTs(easy to produce interference). Its specific circuit consists of thefollowing categories:

(1)Buck circuit -- Buck chopper, whose average outputvoltage U0 is less than the input voltage Ui, with the same polarity.

(2)Boost circuit -- step-up chopper, whose average outputvoltage U0 is greater than the input voltage Ui, with the same polarity.

(3) buck-boost circuit -- Buck or Boost chopper, whoseoutput average voltage U0 is greater than or less than the input voltage Ui,polarity is opposite, inductance transmission.

(4)Cuk circuit -- step-down or step-up chopper, whose outputaverage voltage U0 is greater than or less than the input voltage Ui, polarityis opposite, capacitor transmission.

AC/DC transformation

AC/DC transformation is the AC into DC, its power flow canbe two-way, power flow from the power supply to the load is called"rectification", power flow from the load back to the power supply iscalled "active inverter". AC/DC converter input is 50/60 hzalternating current (AC), because must by the rectifier, filter, so arelatively large volume of filter capacitor is necessary, at the same time dueto meet safety standards (such as UL, CCEE) and the limitation of EMC directive(such as IEC, the FCC, CSA), AC input side must add EMC filter and used inaccordance with safety standards components, thus limiting the miniaturizationof AC/DC power supply volume, in addition, due to internal high frequency, highvoltage, large current switch action, that solve the problem of electromagneticcompatibility EMC harder. For the same reason, high voltage and large currentswitches make the power supply work loss increase, which limits the process ofAC/DC converter modularization. Therefore, the power system optimization designmethod must be adopted to make its work efficiency reach a certain degree ofsatisfaction.

AC/DC transformation according to the wiring mode of thecircuit can be divided into, half wave circuit, full wave circuit. According tothe power supply phase number can be divided into, single-phase, three-phase,polyphase. According to the working quadrant of the circuit can be divided intoa quadrant, two quadrants, three quadrants, four quadrants.

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