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Meanwell Switching power supply is widely used in many areas, every electronic products industry all may need it,and different application fields and their solutions are also different. Through 2,000 customer cases service, we summarize some common industry solutions and notes More solutions

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HANGZHOU KULON ELECTRONICS CO., LTD,founded in 2007,is a company specializing in supplying Meanwell products, aiming to providing the most comprehensive Pre-sale and After-sale service for the products users.Participating in more than 2000 customer cases,Kulon can solve over 90% of your problems quickly.For more information about the company, Please Click...

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  • MDS15/20 Series15W/20W Medical Grade Module Type DC/DC Converter
    > more details
  • XBG Series New Generation of Circular LED Driver
    > more details
  • MPM-45/65/90 Series 45W/65W/90 AC/DC On Board Type Medical Grade Power Supply
    > more details
  • IRM-90 Series 90W AC/DC Industrial PCB-Mount Green Power Module
    > more details
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    What is the working principle of switching power supply 12V?The output power of the switching power supply of 12V is generally 6W, so when the input ac voltage varies in the range of 110 to 260V, the voltage adjustment rate Sv≤1%, when the load current varies greatly, the load adjustment rate SI=5% ~ 7%, is to simplify the circuit, here the basic feedback mode.
  • Advantages of switching power supply
    Kulon electronics is the global distributor of MeanWell switching power supplies, providing all MeanWell switching power products and models.
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