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  • MDS15/20 Series15W/20W Medical Grade Module Type DC/DC Converter
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  • XBG Series New Generation of Circular LED Driver
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  • MPM-45/65/90 Series 45W/65W/90 AC/DC On Board Type Medical Grade Power Supply
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  • IRM-90 Series 90W AC/DC Industrial PCB-Mount Green Power Module
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Exhibition News
  • MEAN WELL Presents Latest Medical Grade Configurable Power Supplies Solution at MDM Minneapolis 2019
    For the 25th year, Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) Minneapolis is one of the Leading Medtech Event in Midwest regions...
  • MEAN WELL Showcased the Star Products at Smart Asia 2019 in India
    At the recent Smart Asia Expo held in Mumbai, MEAN WELL had successfully participated and witnessed the drive towards smart connectivity projects...
  • MEAN WELL Successfully Attracted Local Customers, Developers, and Engineers at POWERTRENDS in the Philippines
    MEAN WELL had participated POWERTRENDS in Manila on the 3-4 September 2019. The objective of the show was to gather under one roof the major...
  • 2019 FIEE Smart Future : MEAN WELL Brand Is Highly Recognized in Automation and LED Field
    MEAN WELL participated The FIEE smart future in Sao Paulo, Brazil on the 23-26 July 2019. This exhibition is the largest scale and most professional...
Switching Power Adapter
What are the good switching power adapter manufacturers? How many switchingpower adapters are there? Current switching power adapters are all through the use ofmodern power technology to control the switch on and off time ratio, maintain astable output voltage of a switching power supply...
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Notes on choosing a switching power supply?
a: To increase the reliability of the S.P.S., we suggest users choose a unit that has a rating of 30% more power than actual need. For example, if the system needs a 100W source, we suggest that users choose a S.P.S. with 130W of output power .or more. By doing this, you can effectively boost the reliability of the S.P.S. in your system...
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How do we choose a power supply to charge a battery?
MEAN WELL has ESC, SC, PA, PB series for battery charger purpose (120~360W). If these series does not meet customers demands and they like to choose a power supply as a charger, we advice to pick up one which over load protection (OLP) mode is constant current limiting. The models in this mode provide constant current even when the protection circuit is triggered. The second choice is fold-back current limiting .or constant wattage model. In this model, when a battery is running low, the output current of the power supply...
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Can MEANWELL power supply be used in the range of 45Hz ~ 440Hz? If YES, what will happen?
MEAN WELL power supply can be used within this frequency range. But if the frequency is too low, the efficiency will also be lower. For example, when a SP-200-24 is operated under 230VAC and rated load, if the frequency of AC input is 60 Hz, the efficiency is around 84%; however, if the frequency of AC input reduces to 50 Hz, the efficiency will be around 83.8%. If the frequency is too high, the power factor of the S.P.S. with PFC (power factor correction)function will...
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If we need a 24V output power supply, but MEANWELL does not have this model, can we use two 12V power?
YES, basically you can do this to get the right output voltage, but be careful that the rated output current of the series system should be the rating of the minimum one in these series connected power supplies. Furthermore, we like you to parallel a diode at the output of power supply to prevent possible damage of internal capacitors...
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If we need a 600W output, can we use two units of S-320 connected in parallel?
No, you can not do this connection because S-320 is not equipped with the parallel function. When two power suppliesare connected inparallel, the one with higher output voltage will share more loading and deliver more (even
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When testing a dual output power supply, the 5V channel is correct, but the 12V channel is over th
There are some minimum-load requirements on MEAN WELL抯 multi-output power supplies, please refer to the specification first before connecting the load. When the load condition is 5V/4A, 12V/0A, the output voltage of the 12V channel will be around 12.8V that is overthe 6% of voltage deviation (12.72V) specified in the spec. sheet.If we add in the minimum load 0.2A to the 12V channel, the 12Vchannel will reduce to around 12.3V which is within the specification.
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