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Problems to be Noted When Using the Inverter

Problems to be Noted When Using the Inverter
Issue Time:2018-12-17
Problems to be Noted When Using the Inverter

1. The connection and installation of the equipment must be in strict accordance with the instruction manual of the inverter. During installation, carefully check: whether the wire diameter meets the requirements; whether the insulation should be well insulated; whether the components and terminals are loose during transportation; and whether the system grounding is in compliance with the regulations.

2.Most inverters have automatic protection for breaking, overcurrent, overvoltage, overheat and other items.Therefore, when these phenomena occur, no manual shutdown is required; the protection point for automatic protection is generally set at the factory. No need to adjust again.

3. Should be strictly in accordance with the inverter use and maintenance instructions for operation and use. In particular: Before starting up, pay attention to whether the input voltage is normal or not; pay attention to whether the sequence of the switch is correct during operation, and whether the indicator heads and lights are normal.

4. Room temperature exceeds 30 ℃, cooling measures should be taken to prevent equipment failure and prolong the service life of equipment.

5. Due to the high pressure inside the vehicle inverter cabinet, operators are generally not allowed to open the cabinet door, which should be locked at ordinary times.

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