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In MEANWELL catalog, we see AC and DC at input, what is it all about?

In MEANWELL catalog, we see AC and DC at input, what is it all about?
Update Time:2014-08-26
Due to different circuit designs, MEAN WELL power supply抯 input consists of three types as below:(v2VAC?VDC)  
c.85~132VAC/176~264VAC by Switch; 250~370VDC  
In a and b inputs models, power supply can work properly no matter under AC or DC input. Some models need correct connection of input
poles, positive pole connects to AC/L; negative pole connects to AC/N. Others may require opposite connection, positive pole to AC/N;
negative pole to AC/L. If customers make a wrong connection, the power supply will not be broken. You can just reverse the input poles
and power supply will still work. 
In c input models, please make sure that you switch the 115/230V input correctly. If the switch is on the 115V side and the real input is
230V, the power supply will be damaged.
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